Our Vision

Our vision is to connect culturally diverse school youth, foster belonging and acceptance among all school children, be relevant within the schools and province, and contribute towards an inclusive and cohesive society. 

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Our Mandate

Our Mandate is to promote the values of multiculturalism and intercultural relations within a bilingual and multicultural Canadian society. 


Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 

"The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal was created to honour those who have made significant contributions to our society and to reflect Her Majesty’s long service to this country. The medals are bestowed to honour Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who, without thought for reward, accolades or remuneration, give countless hours to the service of others. We are all the better because of their drive and dedication in meeting needs, overcoming challenges and making their community, and our great province, a better, more vibrant place to live"

— Office of the Premier